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Run length:   88:26

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What's not to love? Sexy, black guys - tight, cut bodies, bulging muscles and ever more bulging crotches. But the best is yet to cum, because when they strip down and that huge cock hangs out looking like a foot long thick rubber hose, you konw it's going to get real hot! And then when you suck on it and feel it swell up and start to throb - your pussy starts to drip like you know what. And you're going to need all the girl'goo you can make. Because those dicks are big and when they go all the way up inside, your natural lube is going to make you cum better than you ever imagined. And that's why we love black cocks, and so will you!

Starring: Amber Peach , Cherry Poppins , Krown Wesley , L.T. , Lola , Sylvio Mata , Tee Reel

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