Director:   Jack Remy

Run length:   83:16

Available On:   Roku, XBMC, Web

Viewer Rating:   0.10

An Erotic, Sensual, Sexual Experience You Will Never Forget! Sherrie (Patti Petite) want to keep her marriage thriving in a day and age when it seems impossible. She knows one out of every two marriages end in divorce, and she's determined to save hers... event though it's only eight weeks old. Her husband, Rocky (Eric Stauff) is starved, not for affection, but for food. It seems that Sherrie's obsession with her sex life has made her forget that man does not live by sex alone! An occasional hamburger would be nice. All their problems are solved with Willow (Angel Kelly), the new cook, who not only diverts Sherrie's attentions and cooks up some "out-of-sight" meals, but also leads the couple to new horizons by introducing them to the magical, mysterious Magda (played by the exciting Kim Williams), an ethereal enigma in the form of a beautiful black transsexual. Magda does her magic on clients so that they have an erotic, sensual, sexual experience that they can never forget!

Starring: Angel Kelly , Brittany Bardot , Eric Stauff , John Forrest , Kim Williams , Mai Lin , Marc Wallice , Patti Petite , Sepia Ray

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