Director:   Bruce Walker

Run length:   84:52

Available On:   Roku, XBMC, Web

Viewer Rating:   0.15

This sensual sexvid revolves around curvaceous african-american strumpet Monique. She plays a woman who works at a video store that never seems to get very busy. Monique finds herself bored before too long, and it's up to her friends to keep her entertained with some seriously steamy stories of their various sexual escapades. Okay, so it's a pretty simplistic way to set up these otherwise unrelated sex scenes -- it works. Oral sex aficionados will really get a rise out of this one, as virtually every scene features lots of lusty mouth love delivered in crystal-clear close-ups that don't cut away until everyone's had their fill. Although Monique gets the major play on the box cover, it's actually luscious India who shines the brightest. She takes on Lexington Steele and Mr. Marcus in a pair of torrid sequences that make the most of her undeniably voracious oral skills. The way she works over her men leaves no doubt that she's utterly into the action, and her enticing, irresistible figure provides plenty of salacious sight-seeing opportunities. A steamy and successful couples-style sexvid.

Starring: India , Lexington Steele , Mark Anthony , Monique , Porsha , Tony Eveready , Xtacee

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