Director:   David Aaron Clark

Run length:   105:52

Available On:   Roku, XBMC, Web

Viewer Rating:   0.20

(Dream of theiFallen Woman.) Outlaw porno auteur D.A.C. weaves a dark, haunting tale of Lost Souls hoping to find redemption in Just One Last Orgasm... ...The shy, elegant Osaka MILF on a sex tour of the U.S.... ...The ex-porn star cum king of the Vegas sexworld... The tiny Filipina waif willing to do ANYTHING for a job at his swing club... The fiery Pinoy party-girl whose motto is "that's just not kinky enough"... The Japanese peepshow girl that insists her entire life is a dream and she'll be waking up any minute now... ... and oh yeah, her angry, anguished, steroid-case boyfriend...


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