Director:   James Avalon

Run length:   102:44

Available On:   Roku, XBMC, Web

Viewer Rating:   0.20

What would possess the wife of a renowned neurosurgeon to risk everything to become a prostitute at a high class Beverly Hills brothel? The danger? The thrill? The sensual excitement? Witness the erotic transformation of a bourgeouis woman who seems to have it all, a house, a car, a wealthy husband, but still descends into the dark. Nonetheless, she descends into the dark, foreboding depths of sexual depravity among the rich and perverted in acclaimed filmmaker James Avalon's "Red Vibe Diaries: The Object of Desire". It stars the effervescent, blue eyed blonde, Stacy Valentine, in her must compelling dramatic and sexual preformance to date.

Starring: Alex Sanders , Charlie , David Steel , Deva Station , Marc Wallice , Maya , Misty Rain , Stacy Valentine , Tony Tedeschi , Vince Vouyer

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