Director:   Jerry Dawson

Run length:   83:47

Available On:   Roku, XBMC, Web

Viewer Rating:   0.20

"Let's Party!" We'd just been out of high school a year, but we decided to hold a reunion so we could see what everybody's been up to. I always thought a reunion would be only a party with dancing and talking and downing a few beers. But, when Lizzy and Claire started dancing together, and undressing each other, the place really began to rock. There were naked bodies everywhere, huge tits swaying and massive cocks splitting sloppy wet pussies. This was no reunion - it was a fucking orgy! And all you could hear was my classmates and I was moaning as we had one screaming orgasm after another. Hey, forget about having reunions every few years, from now on we're going to have them every week!

Starring: Claire , Dino Bravo , Dynamite , Jason Zupaulo , Keiko , Kyle Phillips , Lizzy Law

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